For thousands of years, smooth, hairless skin has been sought after and often considered a form of status, even a rite of passage for some cultures. Lovely’s unique wax services provide relaxation with instant results. Our designers and estheticians begin each service with essential oils to calm the senses and follow with a customized treatment. Soft wax caters to individual needs and sensitivities while oils sooth and nourish the skin.

preparing for your wax service

For best results, facial hair should be at 1/4” long when you come in. Prevent ingrown hairs by making it a habit to exfoliate the skin—eliminating dead surface cells for an even, polished surface that is ideal for wax application. Use Aveda Botanical Kinetics™ Exfoliant with chamomile and lavender for the face. Keep in mind that skin feels more discomfort just before and during menstruation because our bodies retain more water.

caring for your waxed skin

Protect your extra-vulnerable waxed skin from the sun and other environmental aggressors. Use Aveda Moisture Plus Tint™ SPF 15, which offers sheer coverage with a natural rose aroma. After two days, resume your exfoliating ritual to preserve smoothness and help prevent ingrown hairs. After a few treatments, hair will appear finer and take longer to grow back. If you notice any irritation, apply a cool, moist compress which will help to calm the skin.

when not to wax
If using Accutane or retinoids (Vitamin A topical can cause thinning and sensitivity with the skin.)

If having regular chemical peels (as the skin will be thinner and you can risk losing skin when the wax is removed).

If any of the following conditions are present:

  • Swelling for any reason
  • Distended capillaries
  • Moles
  • Sunburn or rashes
  • Cold sores
Lip $10+
Chin $10+
Combo of Two $25+
Combo of Three $30+
Underarm $20+
Full Arm $40+
Half Arm$25+
Full Leg$50+
Half Leg$35+
Brazilian $55+
Back + Shoulder$45+
  • Price variation depends on esthetician experience. Please call us with any questions regarding service pricing.