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20 Oct Dry Damaged

Dry. Weak. Brittle. Damaged. Not ideal words to describe your hair but it seems that winter weather, daily use of flat irons and blow-dryers, lack of daily heat protectent products, lack of hair maintenance, hard water or exposure to cholorine.

Ayurveda is India’s ancient healing tradition and centers around the belief that there are intense connections between our mind, body and spirit. Aveda’s Research and Development scientists artfully crafted Botanical Therapy’s scalp and hair products to create an intense aromatic experience and draw on the art and science of pure flower and plant essences to rejuvenate the scalp, hair and senses.

Balance. Health. Beauty.

Botanical Therapy is a holistic approach to keeping the scalp and hair in balance. Using Ayurvedic wisdom and innovative botanical science, Aveda developed revitalizing scalp and hair treatments to help achieve healthy, beautiful hair. Each treatment combines the power of touch and aroma-therapeutic essential oils and can be customized to rejuvenate the scalp, hair and senses.

Botanical Therapy gives a unique hair and scalp experience:

  • Aroma + Touch – Each Botanical Therapy treatment merges aroma and high-touch massage techniques to renew and refresh your mind, body and senses.
  • Outstanding Performance in Less Time – Witness a dramatic improvement in the condition of your scalp and hair in a matter of minutes.
  • Innovative Plant Micro Technology – Enables deeper penetration of the hair treatments into the hair’s cortex, intensely moisturizing and repairing each strand from the inside out by up to 86%.

Each customized Botanical Therapy service is created from two treatment options: a scalp treatment and a hair treatment.

Scalp Remedy Treatment:

  • Each scalp product is formulated to help balance a specific Elemental Nature.
  • An aroma-therapeutic massage accompanies the application of each product to maximize the product benefits while nourishing the senses.
  • Safe for use on both colored and textured hair.

Hair Therapy Treatment:

  • Dramatically improves the hair’s condition in just 15 minutes.
  • Uses innovative Plant Micro Technology to deliver intense product penetration.
  • Safe for use on both colored and textured hair.
  • An essential part of a hair color service for maximum condition and shine.

Let your natural beauty shine bright! Schedule a Botanical Therapy Hair Treatment with your next service(starting at $15).

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